Thursday, 12 June 2008

The saints are coming

Smout showed me this a few months ago, I'd forgotten about it until today. No more arguing to whether U2 or Greenday are the best :-)


  1. U2.
    Sure for fuck sake we all know that.
    Green look Green- like their mothers are waitin' up till they get home.

  2. I would tend to agree, Reg. Been a fan since I was a wee skitter.

  3. I wouldn't doubt you snapper.
    Snapper, ha. You know that pet name suits you.

  4. No........They REALLY do look green....Maybe it's the video quality...I dunno......


  5. U2 for sure for me. . .Their music has matured with them/age. At least too I won't look a child band lover. . x x

  6. "Eeeennnnttttooooooo duh vaaaalllleeeeeee...."

  7. Kimberly...they're definitely green :-)

    Chazza...U2 will still be around in 100 yesrs, Bonos' frozen head writing songs and singing away.

    Ist...LOL I fuckin love that song, singers got some nice moves.

  8. Joanne.......

    Have you ever noticed that if you say the right things....even if it's a lie....Just the reaction you get to it can give someone away.... kinda gives you the answer to the question you had in your mind???

  9. Kim, I can't think of an you mean something along the lines of a Freudian slip?

  10. ahh....It's nothin'.

    Some friends are supposed to be taking me out Monday night ....sort of a blind date thing...I just don't like him so far that's all. I'm trying to get out of it...

  11. I haven't had a chance of seeing them live...Over protective Mum whilst growing up, who wouldn't let me go concerts, then I discovered night clubs and haven't stopped since. .

    Now I am at an age I feel I am going for it, shall drag the boyfriend screaming. x x

  12. Kim, I wouldn't bother going if ya don't like him!

    Chazza, your best bet is to go to a festival for the weekend, that would put you off going out forever :-) I bloody hate camping.

  13. 2 of my friends are so persistant....They think somethings wrong w/ me because I don't have a man at the moment....That's just stupid. Somethings wrong, but that would only muddy the waters

    "The way poets do??".....

    They have to have someone 24/7 though, which to ME is really fucked up....but anyway, I told em' No.....for the 17th time .....The last time they did this, I gave in just so they'd shut-up....and sat across from some guy who just rambled on about himself all through dinner....When I'd had enough, I asked... "Isn't it time to go?"....then .."Is this shit over with yet?"......and then finally I had to make up some Bullshit emergecy just to get the hell out of there....He STILL didn't get it...Yay!! overinflated ego, a dumbass AND he's dense......This other guy seems the same.....they're all the same....

  14. Kim, tell your match-making friends to wise up, they can't pick a mate for you. Unless you're terribly lucky.

    I'm not sure if fate exists, or if it would be a good thing.

  15. Nah.......

    I already told em'....I'm just tired of hearing how "not normal" I am. So I disconnected ....for a while anyway...I'm not looking for anyone right now....

    And I'm OK with that & that's all that matters. I have to consider the source(s) too.....I look at their relationships and they aren't really so happy..... not to judge or even dream too Utopian regarding "happy", but one day when my time is right, I'd rather be with someone because I really want to be with him.....& Not for any superficial reasons or (just as bad), out of the fear of being alone......

    Thanks for your responses (input).....As you can see the "chicka-advice" around ME is quite inept & NOT very sound at all!!.....So, very appreciated...xoxo...=0)

  16. Sorry bout' that!!......

    I'm too lazy for email sometimes....( server's too damn slow anyway.... )


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  18. kimberly...You sound happy just the way your life is. I always say "if you cannot stand your own company, how can you expect someone else to" go girl enjoy being on your own.

    Enjoy....You have given good enough reasons of being in a relationship, you stick by it girl and when the time comes YOU WILL KNOW and enjoy.

    Me it has to be I CANNOT STAND DISEAVERS and matter how small as they do develope to being massive woppers. both go hand in hand. .

    Boy have I had my fair share of ex boyfriends who did...x x