Friday, 27 June 2008

Biscuit of the week

These are my first two bites of an Oreo. I'm not a bisuit connoisseur, they taste a bit like a Bourbon. On looks and smell Benny gave them the paws-up.

PS. Someone else crashed into the back of my car yesterday after deciding it would look better on the middle of a roundabout. Luckily my ipod wasn't harmed.


  1. Dogs do have taste for a good bic...

    Ive out grown unfortunately such sweet bic's. One - 2 is my lot nowadays oh. Chocolate NO...

    Shame about the car though...are you considering your next car? what with it being another kiss up the backside for you? lol x x

  2. Chazza, that's alright, I'll eat enough for the both of us :-)

    Planning on keeping the wee car another year or so if idiots would stop ramming it!

  3. Ohhhhh you poor Sweetheart...Some years ago some Dick went into the back of me on the crossing of the lights. I exploded. Screamed and Hallered at him. I didn't give a shit when he got out the car he was a 6ft + tall black now.

    Because he addmitted and said he wasn't concentrating. So what about the crossing that was behind me. . .exactly.

    Some year r r rs later when I was around my brothers, a friend of his was visiting hadn't seen him in years. He said the last time he saw me but didn't have the chance to speak to me. . You guessed.

    The embarrisment, he said he could not belive it was me. He saw the crash,it was me and was about to come and see if I needed help. He had to rub his because I as he knew me was "wouldn't say boo to a goose".

    He said he felt so sorry for the poor guy how I was shouting, ranting and raving at him and said to my brother. . The guy was 6ft..6ft and she was 5ft nothing.

    He asked me what happened to me..."I started to drive" I said and work for Royal x x

  4. Chazza, I kept calm, I think I was relieved it didn't look as bad as it felt :-) I need a job in Royal mail to toughen me up.

    That's a hilarious image, the friend going over to say hello then swiftly changing his mind when he saw what was going on, haha!

  5. I know. . I was more embarissed someone who knew me saw it all. lol x x