Friday, 22 August 2014

Wisdom Teeth Ice Bucket

Clumsy Women Fighting

Man Turns Own Mouth Into Pinhole Camera

Bristol, England-based professional photographer Justin Quinnell turned his own mouth into a pinhole camera. He built a tiny camera using aluminum foil and a 110 film cartridge and takes awesomely unusual photos with the device inside his mouth, held in place by his back teeth. Quinnell uses his homemade camera to take tonsil-vision shots of everything from scenic travel destinations, his own feet soaking in the bathtub, a visit to the dentist and even the nightmarish image of a dead spider resting on his toothbrush as it enters his mouth. Basically he photographs anything that he thinks will make his kids laugh.

That's You That Is

This Exists - A French Fry Holder For Your Car

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Dog Doesn't Want You Hogging The Covers

Thanks Cary Ortiz

My Name Is John Daker

Colin McQuillan RIP

"As you all know our beloved Colin passed on peacefully in his sleep on Sunday night. We are still with him in London and in the process of making plans to get him home. It's going to be a long aul drive for us to escort him but it's the way we want to go.  Our only thoughts at the moment are to get this gentle man back in the arms of dear old Belfast and to the people he loved so very, very much.
We have had numerous enquiries about donations to help is do so and that is the reason that this avenue has been set up - if you would like to help out then crack on".

Magician Cut In Half Trick

Harris Pest Control

Thanks Jasmine Ward

Mass Ice Bucket Challenge

Thanks Frances Kearney

Friday, 15 August 2014